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Oct. 9th, 2013 | 05:47 pm

okay honestly i've been telling gabby that i dont think that taking ap psych and math will work out for her because of the thing going on wtih her head and like im not her mom so im not gonna tell her what to do but all i do is tell her that i dont think that keeping up with these classes are the best for her and she's just really stubborn about everything and she hasn't slept in almost a week and when i told her that not sleeping can kill you she said 'that's the idea' like how am i supposed to respond to that and i feel really bad but there isnt anything i can do and all of this information is stressing me out a lot and i dont know what to do  and i feel really self-centered because all of this is happening to her but i just wish that she wouldnt be sending me all of these things like talk to your mother about it i can't help you with these things i'm not sufficiently equipped to deal with this and i feel really bad saying this but honestly i think the best place for her right now is a mental institution because she can barely read and school is stressing her out so much and she's not telling the people who can help her everything idek

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